iPAS2 Business Benefits Allow You To Travel The Globe

The iPAS2 Pro Marketing System is getting lots of attention among the Internet community - and for a very good reason. Created by Chris Jones and Chris Campbell, both have had a reputation when it comes to Internet marketing, the iPAS2 Pro is actually a second, much-improved version of a product that has already been proven as a success the first time round. Here is what you should know about it:

About the System

To start if off, iPAS stands for: Internet Prospect Acceleration System. In simplest terms, the iPAS2 is a comprehensive marketing system specially designed to do the grunt work while owners take care of the more important tasks. It is not a product but more of a service, operating as a digitized “franchise-style” system that is designed to help pull your bottom-line way, way up.

iPAS2 PRO Marketing System set to Release with Added Business Benefits

How it Works

ipas2 business reviewThe system may seem pretty straightforward, but there is actually more to iPAS2 than meets the eye. Just check out the different features and added benefits that come with the franchise.

• Automated up-sell process specifically for products from Empower Network
• Comes up with 70% payments on front end sales through the Unique Funded Proposal System
• Full Campaign Tracking, allowing you to study, assess, and change marketing goals as needed
• You can also customize team funnels and team calendars for synchronicity
• Hangout pages, video on dashboard, sponsor updates, team updates, and community pages are also subject to customization
• You can also combine all products from Empower Network and have the buying process simplified, leading to faster sales.

As the user, you would also have complete access on a Real-Time Live Chat feature as well as personal coaches that will handle your leads and prospects in a tried-and-tested "tell-sell-train" system. The set up of the marketing system is easy and takes all of a few minutes of your time. With a straightforward control panel, being able to do customizations would not take very long.

Other Outstanding iPAS 2 Features

The marketing system product and customer service has been tried and tested by others, earning it an impressive 4.5 out of 5 stars from many members. If you are considering the product however, then know that you are protected by a 30 day money back guarantee. This way, you’ll be able to fully assess the iPAS2 system before completely committing yourself to opting in.

When It Started

As already mentioned, the iPAS2 PRO Prospecting System is the brainchild of two people: Jones and Campbell. After spending years developing this system – why is it that they seem to be so eager in sharing this program? Wouldn’t they make more money using it themselves instead of passing it on to others who would likely be their competitors? In answer to that question, Jones admits that he believes everyone who has the passion to make a sale can actually succeed with online marketing – and the iPAS2 may be that one small element they need to make it possible. Why deny others this wonderful opportunity? This is why Grand Coco Bay is proud to pronounce the business travel benefits of using a comprehensive and sound platform like iPAS 2.

iPAS2 Business Travel Options

The bottom line is that the iPAS2 Pro Marketing System is designed to help you make more sales without really losing the trust and camaraderie between you and a prospect. In fact, it helps build it.

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